Patients Reviews

I had an incredible experience. Very warm, welcoming and friendly staff. I was put on the stretching table and had a massage gun used on my back. It was extremely relaxing and felt great. I met Dr. Jordan and she was very nice and experienced. She felt my entire spine and we pinpointed the problem areas. I have a lot of work to be done due to my physically demanding job. I am excited to come back and get fixed up!

Austin H. | Nov 01, 2023

This my second course of treatment with Adrian Ziegler. She is very knowledgeable and takes the time to listen and explain treatment. First time was a lower back injury. It took a few visits but all was good eventually. This time shoulder nerve pain. After one treatment it feels somewhat better already. The office is very clean and the office staff is very professional and welcoming. I highly recommend Dr Ziegler.

S S. | Jul 15, 2023

My back is feeling much better. It was my MD's office which refered me for chiropractic care in 1986, so, as they say, this isn't my first rodeo. The staff is always cordial and on time. Thanks to Dr. Jordan I'm getting over my problem.

Jerry M. | Oct 11, 2022

Dr. Ziegler is a delightful young woman who happens to be excellent at adjusting my back issues. I can always tell that she thinks of different ways to achieve the best results so that I will have fewer issues until my next visit. Dr. Ziegler's staff is always polite and professional from the time you walk through the door. If you need any type of adjustment to your back and neck I highly recommend Dr. Ziegler.

Sheila O. | Sep 28, 2022

My experience is great I will recommend her to my friends and family I’m feeling wonderful. Thanks doc you are the best

Leslyn B. | Sep 07, 2022

Staff is awesome. Friendly, professional and competent. Dr. Jordan cares about her patients as people first. My lower back spasms are way better. I feel normal for the first time in years. Give her a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Chris W. | Jul 20, 2022

Ann Marie gave me one of the best massages ever! Totally eliminate my neck pain. I would highly recommend her services. You will not be disappointed!

Judy C. | Jul 16, 2022

Great customer service! Super nice staff, clean and comfortable office. Dr. Ziegler is fantastic, I highly recommend a visit!

Tiffany D. | Jun 11, 2022

Amazing place staff is super nice, they always have a flexible schedule really helps with my back pain definitely recommend it!

Travis McDaniel

Dr, Jordan is an excellent chiropractor! She is helping me see progress with something that has painfully bothered me for years.

Dknoel Dknoel

The gals at the front desk are helpful and kind. Dr. Jordan is great, answers questions, and has really made a huge difference in decreasing my pain and mobility in my neck and shoulders.

Amber Faught

Jordyn is great and I'm stoked we have another quality business in Spring Valley. She was able to resolve my neck pain on my first visit and has a nice vibe about her.

Tara A.

A "must-have" weekly tune-up! This is such a highly skilled Chiropractor who located the source points of your pain and discomfort in just moments and zeros in on adjusting it. Her precision is obviously a talent you don't acquire from school or books. I understand now how the visit to a gifted chiropractor can become addictive. It just leaves you floating on air and feeling good all week as you eagerly await your next adjustment. She is outstanding! Don't walk in searching for a chiropractor in a traditional old suit and tie. This one chiropractor dresses for a workout! A clear indication she is set to give your muscles and aching some tenacious attention.

Niyi Coker

I've suffered from lower back pain for a while. My career is very tough on the body. Since I started chiropractic treatments I've had less flair up and at my age over 50 it's been a great help. The regular adjustment release tension in my lower back and neck plus it feels like it releases stress also.

Gypsy Cruz

I am happy I choose this place from the list given to me. The location was easy to find, the staff was great and most of all Dr. Jordan help fix my neck and shoulder problems. And yes, I have returned to visit already! Thank you!!

Joy C.

I have been going to chiropractor care for decades, mainly due to years on airplanes. As I get older my shoulder was giving me more problems. It got so bad I had a hard time sleeping. Most chiropractors don't spend time on the muscles, but Jordan did an amazing job in isolating the problem, fixing it, and providing me with exercises for preventative care. She also did a great job at cracking all the right spots! She is just terrific!

Greg McCuistion

Awesome chiropractic care with lots of exercises and tips on how to help me get my back well! 

James Blair

Always quick, friendly, and provide great back pain relief.

Martin McCarthy

First visit. Dr. Jordan was very thorough, checking and correcting each vertebra as needed. Very friendly and, best of all, I feel better!

Dan Connors