Carla Keith, NTP, RWS

Certified Functional Nutritionist serving the Mount Helix and Spring Valley, CA Area

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Carla Keith, NTP, RWS
Carla is a Certified Functional Nutritionist and expert on digestive dysfunction, inflammation, hormone health, autoimmune diseases, and mental health. She focuses on the bio-individual needs of her clients by creating therapeutic diets and specific protocols for them based on their functional lab results. She is finalizing her master’s degree in Nutrition and Integrative Health with a focus on Human Clinical Nutrition from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. 

Her health journey began during her college years, when she noticed the negative downstream effect the college lifestyle had on her physical appearance, health and spirit. What first began as a weight loss journey brought her to the world of holistic health. After college, Carla moved back home to Washington, DC and became a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, mastering in digestive dysfunction and nutrition as medicine. 

Through her own health journey and working with clients, she realized that having information did not always result in taking consistent action. In the pursuit of giving up yo-yo dieting forever and finding long-term health, Carla set out to study the psychology of food and behavior change. She realized that changing your mindset is the most critical aspect in achieving lasting health. Carla uses mindset shifts to help her clients ditch limiting beliefs and transform into the best version of themselves. When she’s not nose-deep in the latest nutrition research, you can find her teaching Pilates, wandering the aisles of Lazy Acres or at the beach with friends.